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P1 - INOE 2000


National Institute for Research and Developement in Optoelectronics



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P3 - "Carol Davila" UMF

Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy




The main objective of the project is to develop an accurate a novel and accurate imaging technique based on the diffuse optical tomography (DOT) assisted by hyperspectral fluorescence (HF), able to provide a valuable adjunct method to current clinical mammographic investigation modalities. Structural analysis of multi-subject, multi-voxel, multi-parametric reconstructed images of breast lesions by HF-DOT can highly improve the probability in the recognition of the tumor malignancy nature. For DOT, we employ the frequency regime where the intensity of the infrared source is modulated (100-400 MHz), leading to the propagation of so-called photon density waves. Since frequency domain measurements provide information on both phase and intensity of the signal, it is expected that frequency-domain techniques will allow a better separation of absorption and scattering effects. Multi-wavelength measurements of the local fluctuations in the oxygenation state of haemoglobin (Hb) allow the exploration of the spatio-temporal dynamics of vascular reactivity and Hb states, which have a fundamental importance in tumor detection and its response to therapy. The development of a common path imaging probe will permit the co-registration of the DOT and spectroscopic (fluorescence/reflectance) images. The main objectives of our theoretical and experimental studies are: a) maximization of the spatial resolution; b) an increase of recognition probability of the malign lesions based on metabolic tissue pathology and tissue intrinsic fluorophores; c) development of complex imaging reconstruction protocols for identification of lesion nature. Based on the proposed milestones, this project will deliver a functional model for clinical use, able to recognize in real time the lesion nature in the reconstructed tissue image with a probability higher than 92%, compared to currently 80%. The large experience and the multidisciplinary character of the research team (physicists, engineers, medical doctors), the existing international cooperation links (USA, UK, France) and the managerial skills of the project director (more than 40 years of professional experience, director of more than 20 successfully international and national projects) are the premises for successfully accomplishing the project.



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